Apply to #GreenMyCity 2020

Each year, the Green Cities Foundation invites Canadian community volunteers to apply to the #GreenMyCity program to have their project chosen for green revitalization.  In September 2019, we will begin to accept applications for a green revitalization project that will take place in 2020. To help with your application, we recommend that you read through the Project Application Guide.

Thank you for visiting our site, and for your care and concern for the environment.  We appreciate everyone who takes the time to apply to #GreenMyCity, and we encourage you to share this page with friends, and to follow us on social media.

Check back often throughout 2019 or subscribe to follow the progress of the very first #GreenMyCity project, which will be built in the province of Ontario, Canada.

2020 Project Application Guide

If you’d like to see all of the #GreenMyCity application questions before filling out an application, they are located near the end of this guide. You can also go directly to the application form, and save it as you work through your answers.  We’ve provided answers to some of frequently asked questions below.

Clicking on the READ THE GUIDE button will open the application form in a new window.

#GreenMyCity Frequently Asked Questions


Garden clubs, associations, neighbourhood groups, service clubs and school/youth groups are encouraged to apply.

Landscape restoration or improvement – to improve urban air and water quality, and create healthy, public amenities.

Any public land that could contribute more productively to your community’s over all health and wellbeing (not privately owned land) may be eligible for restoration or revitalization.  We want to help communities create or improve green spaces that people will be able to enjoy, and that will improve air, soil and water quality, and reduce the effects of human activity on climate change.

Projects must be located on public, accessible open spaces in urban Canadian communities, such as the following:  community gardens, sports fields, green spaces, brown spaces, parks, streets, school grounds and historic green spaces.

The very first #GreenMyCity project will built in 2019 some time between April and October.  We will begin accepting applications for a 2020 project in September of 2019.

We ask applicants to commit to the long-term success of their project by organizing volunteers and raising some money to help with any project-related costs.

In March of next year, only those applicants who are selected to make a project presentation to the Project Review Committee will be notified.

No, you don’t.  But in case your project is selected and your project area may be covered in snow during the month of March (when video presentations must be submitted), you may wish to take videos or photos to have on hand before the snow flies!

If the Project Review Committee selects your project for additional review, we will ask to view your presentation next March.

Our first project will take place in an urban community, in the province of Ontario, Canada, in 2019.

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