Phil Paxton, CLHT, CLHM

Phil Paxton, CLHT, CLHM

Past Chair

“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye off the goal.”

There’s no danger that Phil Paxton will lose sight of the mission of Green Cities Foundation, because his personal beliefs are aligned with its core values. In 2018, as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Phil’s singular focus was to improve the lives and health of Canadians by protecting and improving their natural environment.

Growing up in the UK and France, Phil emigrated to Canada after graduating with a degree in Law in his home country, England. His love of trees and nature inspired him to start his own landscaping business in 1979. Forty years later, Phil’s thriving business and life lived give him a specialized understanding of the importance of green spaces, and he is devoted to giving back to Canadian communities.

Under Phil’s stewardship, Green Cities Foundation was granted charitable status by the Canadian government in the fall of 2018.

Phil and his wife Pauline are enjoying life after raising their own children, now helping with their four grandchildren.

Phil’s other volunteer activities include:

– Treasurer, Alberta Sailing Association
– Past President, Canadian Nursery Landscape Association