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We're always looking for NEW projects:

Imagine a future…

… where the air is clear and easy to breathe
… where city streets are shaded and cool on hot summer days
… where being outside in the city means enjoying a healthier, natural environment

Green Cities Foundation wants to create that future – with you. Together we can #GreenMyCity, one green space at a time.

What is #GreenMyCity?

It’s a collaboration between donors, volunteers and the Foundation to design and build urban green spaces.

Where & When?

We are taking on new projects all the time for the #GreenMyCity program. Apply today and your community could be next!


To reduce the effects of climate change. To help people breathe. To improve the quality of life in Canadian cities.

How can I help?

Get involved! Volunteer, Donate funds or materials, Nominate your community. We’re just getting started, and every bit of help is welcome and appreciated.



Showing our appreciation to program supporters and volunteers by acting with integrity, honesty and gratitude.


Acknowledging the connectedness between people, plants, good health, happiness and vibrant communities.


We will partner with other community organizations who recognize and understand our mission and values. With that partnership, we will respect their mission, values, traditions and practices


Treating the world we live in, the people we share it with, and the environment honourably, with kindness and care.


Connecting people across the country with resources that reduce our impact on climate change and make city living more enjoyable.


You’re invited to join in the fun and “Live the Garden Life” during the Year of the Garden 2022, a celebration of everything garden and gardening related in Canada.

Green Cities Foundation is a private foundation established by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA), for which CNLA remains a generous contributor.  Our annual operating costs are paid by CNLA.

Be an environmental Champion

Green Revitalization

How do plants help my city?

When we plant trees, grasses, shrubs, and flowers where none was growing before, they improve air and water quality, and help in the fight against climate change.  The effect is very noticeable in cities where there are more hard surfaces, such as concrete and pavement.


Healthy soil is important for the health, growth, and maintenance of plants.  Plants in urban areas (cities) rely on soil to absorb, retain and release water when they need it.  If plants have the right soil, watering can be reduced.


There are a lot of hard surfaces  in cities that don’t absorb water.  Heavy rain and melting snow can be dangerous and damaging. Increasing the amount of green space can absorb more water, reducing runoff and flooding.


Soil and plants absorb rainwater, which later evaporates into the air.  This process cools the area by taking heat from the air for the process of evaporation. Trees provide shade, too, which is lovely and cool on a hot summer day.


Plants clean the air so we can breathe.  They remove carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and tiny particles you can barely see floating around.  That’s a fancy way of saying that plants breathe in the bad stuff and produce oxygen for us to inhale.

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