G Ross Lord Park

G Ross Lord Park, North York

Coming in the spring of 2024, an exciting project will transform G Ross Lord Park into an even more inviting and vibrant natural haven.

We aim to enhance the existing tree canopy by planting additional trees and introducing lush turf and shrubs. These additions will not only provide much-needed shade but will also significantly elevate the park’s aesthetics.

By increasing the greenery in the park, we aim to make a substantial impact on environmental well-being. The additional trees will contribute to carbon sequestration, helping to reduce our carbon footprint while also purifying the air and regulating temperatures.

Enhancing this green space creates opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and a deep connection with the natural world. G Ross Lord Park is poised to become an even more cherished destination for all to enjoy. Stay tuned for more updates as we work together to bring this exciting project to life.